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Password protected input and/or output

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I'm not sure if this is a feature which is already provided in Affinity software.

Sometimes it might be helpful to password protect documents, either whole or in part.

For example, it is now becoming more common for documents to be sent via email, and then parts have to be signed and returned to the sender. This could be done by regular mail, but that is slow. If it's done via email, then this exposes both the original document, plus the signer(s)' signatures to the world at large. One way round this is to encrypt the signed output file, and notify the original sender of the password by another channel. For photographs, some may have commercial value, and again it might be helpful if the files could be encrypted so that only a small group could access the photos.

It is possible to send some documents with encryption using various tools. For example, PDF files can be encrypted, so AP or AD could be used in conjunction with a PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat or Apple Preview) to encrypt files, and thus provide a more secure format for data exchange. For the iPad version of AP, output files can usually be read by iOS Pages, which also supports a form of encryption.

However, these workarounds are a bit clunky, and I wonder if it would be possible and/or desirable to embed appropriate encryption within the Affinity progams.

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