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Slices/exports have a border around them. How to remove it?

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As shown in the picture. Every time I try to export a picture in SVG or PNG ( Haven´t noticed it in another format but its there) I have this border around my slice about 1-2 pixels wide. All the way around the slice. And it is causing problems when preparing SVGs for Websites, PNGs for Instagram posts or anything in that matter. Is there a way I can remove this empty border around it? I am trying to export this image in SVG for my website. 

Thank you for your help. If you need any more data let me know. 





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Hi Stolgeth,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Check if the X,Y coordinates (and also width/height) of the objects (or artboards if you are using them) used to to generate the slices in the Transform panel (Draw Persona) are integer values. If not remove the decimal parts. This cause issues with slices.

If that's not the case check if you have any shadow (or other layer fx) applied to the object used to generate the slices.

If you attach the file i can help you further with this.

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Hi. I am not using any FX. I tried to remove those before. At least I think so. 
I have Force pixel alignment on so decimal numbers shouldn´t be an issue. 

I am adding the file so you can take a look.

(File removed due to fear of getting stolen) 

(Btw.  Didn´t expect to get a reply this fast. Thank you) 

Edited by Stolgeth

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In the file I prepaired the problem got fixed. However in the main one  I have tried it but the problem seems to remain. 
I have even treid to remove the slice and get a new one. Still no luck But only in the original document. I think its due to the decimal numbers in location of my Canvas.

Thank you for the help. Now I am able to fix the issue. 

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