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Weird Anti-Aliasing Problem

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i have encountered a strange problem with Anti-Aliasing in Affinity Photo.

When i have opened a image with zoom levels above 100% (uneven), there ist no Anti-Aliasing. I have checked the switch in preferences->performance->view quality->bilinear / nearest neigbour.

But there is absolute no difference in zoom levels above 100% with bilinear or nearest neighbour set.

What's really strange, that's only on my desktop! O.o

On my Surface Pro there are no problems.

Any ideas?

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A little update.

Well, i think i have found the culprint of the problem. My desktop has a display scaling of 100% and the surface pro of 225%.

When i change the surface pro to 100%, the same anti-aliasing issue pops up. Vice versa on the desktop -> the problem is greatly reduced.

But i cant work with 200% display scaling on my desktop ;).

Is that a known issue?

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Hey Halo,

There shouldn't be any issues at 100% scaling—or I'm not aware of any. What resolution is your monitor? There's a known issue wherein any scaling other than 100, 125, 150 or 200% will cause the display to look incorrect. Can you try changing your Retina Rendering to Fastest from Preferences > Performance and let me know what happens.

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