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Locked-in Zoom in AP

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not sure if this is really a bug or a feature but I try to find more about the zoom behaviour in AP. I am using AP most of the time with my Wacom Intuos Pro and control AP with the use of shortcuts on the keyboard. So right hand holds the pen while the left hand chooses the tools via keyboard. So with "Z" I start the Zoom Function for zooming in and with "Alt" for zooming out. Nothing special until now. But when I try to switch to another tool like panning (H) or smudging (K) it seems that the Zoom function is still locked in and does not want to let me out. Instead of this I am typing a lot of Hs and Ks within the zoom's percentage field. Needless to say that this field was not active before, because I was clicking all the time on the canvas. Another weird behavious is when I try to use the canvas' scrollbars or choose another layer in the layer panel but AP interprets this as a control action for the zoom function and instead of scrolling or layer switching I zoom in and out like crazy. The only method I discovered to stop this weird behaviour is by switching between the applications and returning to AP using ALT+Tab or to pick my mouse and click directly on the tool's panel.

To sum this up: those weird behaviour does not always happen but quite often. It is not a big problem but it interrupts my workflow (picking up the mouse, switch windows etc.). So I wonder if this sticky zoom-function is a bug (or a feature) or can I easily switch this stickyness off by a secret checkbox within the programms settings?

Any adivce is appreciated.

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Hi Mina


The issue with the zoom tool and the layers panel is a known  one which hopefully we shall sort soon.


I am not able to replicate the shortcuts not working. With our Wacom Intuos plugged in i ham able to freely switch between the zoom tool and others using keyboard shortcuts. Is you tablet plugged in before or after the app has started?



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Hello Chris,

my tablet was plugged in before I started AP. But I just tried it with plugging it in while AP is already running. And I could reproduce the error. So it does not matter when it was plugged in. A third weird behaviour occured which I forgot to mention earlier. It seems that AP does not want zooming out with ALT+Pen-Click on the wacom. Because when I try to switch to a brush using "B" e.g. the dropdown menu from the top menu for Editing (in German "Bearbeiten" starts with a B too) opens or for the Pan Tool (H) the dropdown menu for Help opens. Then I try to click on the toolbar for the brush or pan tool with my pen but then AP thinks I want to Zoom in and instead of getting a brush tool I zoom in again. So for that I need to switch back to my mouse only for choosing the right tool.

My wacom driver is the current version and I am using the model Intuos Pro PTH-651/K. (Not sure if this information is useful.)

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Nevertheless as AP behaves differently regarding a "Wacom Click" and a "Mouse Click" I just get used to dragging the mouse (or pen) between left and right for zooming in and out. This works perfectly and does not cause any strange behaviours. So everything is fine for me.

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