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Hello all !


I am Chrisas, a french student in graphic design and programming.


I'm a user  (BIG FAN) of Serif's softwares since October 2016. It really helped me in several fields such as logo design, illustration, web design, apparel and social media graphics.

Since I started working with affinity designer and photo, I bought some specific resources I discovered after several days of research. 

But There was one problem, there is not a place to buy, sell or present resources for affinity softwares. I mean for illustrator and photoshop you can found thousands of stuff in any sorts related to them.


Example : to present my work I sometimes have to open photoshop to use mockups ( i'm a mockup lover) but I always want to speedup my workflow so my idea is  to create resources that will be useful for other creatives like me. I built some stuff for myself but I do not know what will be useful for you, what you need, and what you are looking for.


For now, my aim is graphics pack about : assets, macros, colors palettes, styles, and mockups, uikits. 

The purpose is to make the work of creatives easier, faster and funnier.


So here is my question , what kind of resources do you need ?

I am open to any suggestions, so feel free to comment !


> An Illustration project I'm working on : https://prnt.sc/inpq5g

> My dribbble : http://dribbble.com/chrisas

> My Portfolio (5 months of work are missing x) ) http://behance.net/chrisas

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19 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi Chrisas,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I've moved this thread to the Questions section as you are requiring feedback from other users (not sharing resources).

Alright I understand :) Thank you

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