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Crashes and CPU spike using Pen tool

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I'm currently having two issues with Affinity Designer... Purchased copy

The beginning scenario is this, I have 40 something mb Affinity Photo file placed into a designer document and I am attempting to trace the image with the pen tool (No auto trace tool yet) as I do this between every three to ten minutes the app just closes! and I have to reopen the app and my file each time to continue. ctrl-s is my friend!

I ran it with task manager performance charts visible while working and noted that while idle CPU use is very low while this document is open, and memory is flat at 3gb.. (Installed is 8gb) and no other apps running on the system. However every time I place a node with the pen tool I noticed that the CPU spikes between 80 and almost 100%.. GPU use is low however at the moment of the app crashing/closing I noticed that the GPU spiked to 100%...

It drives me nuts but for the time being I am tolerating it as it's a personal project and using Photoshop/illustrator is no longer an option.

Is this a memory management issue buried deep in the code??? is anybody else having similar issues?

I am happy to provide my file and screen shots of the performance graphs if required.


Machine specs as follows:
Windows PC -
OS - Windows 10 Pro 1803 build
CPU - i3 8100 (Quad core Coffee Lake)
Ram: 8gb DDR4 @ 2666Mhz
GPU = Nvidia GTX 770 2gb Vram
SSD - Samsung 960 Evo 500gb NVME

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ooops didn't see the other thread!!!... my bad for not searching or turning the page first... I also didn't mention that this issue still occurs in the current beta also...

My issue is exactly as @tipforeveryone

If you stop the video on the frame when the crash occurs you will see in the performance chart GPU is at 100%..


Good to see you're on this issue...


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Forgot to mention something

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