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Roland Rick

EXIF data should not be removed by Export Persona - but it is

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Exif data is totally cut of by Export Persona


It is only properly exported/adapted from RAW by File/Export function.


Generally: The Exif handling should be implemented much better. In comparison to Lr/Photoshop it is de facto inexistent. Of course there is the "All" view. But in there, I mess up with the countless xml tags, which are quite inconvenient to use - if you don't know the correct meaning by heart - what I do not and I have no intention to learn them. Guys, I want to use the program and not mess around with xml tags I have no clue of ;)


Appreciate any help, reply, whatever...


Cheers mates,



PS: I was not sure, shall I post this under bugs or enhancement requests. Somehow it is like Schrödinger's cat: both :D

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If it is exit data it should not be there :D


Sorry, funny typo

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