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Daniel Gibert

Error saving "Lost connection to file" on Mac

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Recently i'm having issues saving on both Designer and Photo. Working over a NAS server on AFP, each time I try to save changes on an existing document for fisr time, I get an error: Couldn't be saved because lost connection to file, file must be closed (Sorry, message in Spanish. This is a rough translation by me)


Issue is, files are there, I can re-open them from recent files, and is permanently available on finder. There is no disconnection from server. If I re-open from open recents… the file opens and tries to recover itself, and normally it works and save fine from there. So the fail occurs on first saving after opening the file. Once you get the first save, you can work for hours without issues.


Issue happens with any file, randomly, in both apps. Always on first saving. This is happens since a couple of weeks ago. If I create a new document and save it, works well. Is always with existing documents.


Designer 1.6.1
Photo 1.6.7
MacOS 10.13.4

Files on NAS over 1 GB ethernet through AFP protocol (Synology DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1)


If you need further details, feel free to ask.


Have a nice day.



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Hey Daniel Gibert,


Has this started after a High Sierra update at all? We've found that macOS updates seem to randomly break and then fix these types of issues (we've seen it quite a few times before). The apps haven't been updated recently so I would assume something has changed (likely from an update) and it isn't playing nice with Affinity.


Your issue seems to be a bit more specific though. Usually, it's simply doing an initial save to the NAS that causes it. Not editing an already existing file on there.

Can you get access to any crash reports? 

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Hi Chris.


I think is related with last High Sierra update, which was around the time it started to happen.


I'm guessing it could have relation with the finder setting the file as in use while showing the finder preview after double clicking (I had similar issues before with indesign files, opening as read only because the finder was slow creating the preview from the NAS) Curiously I had no indesign issues since last high sierra update, so it could be something about that changed on the System. (But, as I said, i'm guessing)


I have no crash reports because, really, designer or photo are not crashing. Simply they close the file because  loosing connection to it. The app continues to work after that.

Other things I've noticed while trying to solve it:
File loses the finder preview when the issue happens. Could be a problem while saving the preview image?
If I let the document alone for some time (For example, going to other apps) then the file can be saved with no issues. (Maybe because finder has "released it" or maybe because  Designer has created the recovery file and saves from it)


I'd love to be more helpful. Let me know if you need more info. It's possible that this are finder shenanigans and not app faults. Finder Evil. NAS evil.

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I recall seeing a post from @MEB a while ago where he states that this might happen because we don't save anything to memory. The advice was not to save and work directly to and from the NAS but instead, save locally and back it up to the NAS. I'm not entirely sure how an OS update would have had an adverse effect on this, though. We haven't changed anything, as far as I know.


This isn't ideal and is a bit of a pain if this is how you are used to working. I imagine this is something we will want to improve on at some point as it is becoming normal practice to work like that. I'll do some digging and see if I can find anything that might help you.


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Thanks Chris


I think the odds are on MacOS side, and his traditional quirks with NAS and server file management. Unfortunately we are shared work team so saving locally does not count for Us, but the issue is not unavoidable. We simply will take care to go other app, and come back and save before doing so much on the file until the issue resolves, provably by itself.


If you can find something, welcome. If not, well, we don't think on stop using Affinity. I'll let you know if we can find something (NAS side or Mac side) This is an issue happening just now, and provably because of MacOS. Until just now, Affinity worked flawlessly over the NAS. Well check other computers and settings.


Thanks for your interest. You, team, are the best!

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Hi again.

After having a rough time with the issue (worsening each day up to not being able to work Affinity files from NAS) I have find solution.

Issue was finally half MacOS, half Synology NAS fault. Synology NAS AFP implementation is a bit lousy and MacOS was receiving "in use" flags from the NAS, hence the lost connection issue on Affinity, which is a very sensitive app for this kind of conflitcs.

I've rebuilt file permissions on the NAS and revert to SMB connection, deactivating on the NAS all indexing options and setting the SMB options as less intrusive as possible, so files are as less in use as they can be.

(Is not that Apple SMB implementation is much better, but is less lousy than Synology's AFP one)

Now all it seems to work fine and i'm able to open and save all the files from NAS.

Hope this could help other if they have similar issues.

Thanks to you for taking care.


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That's actually really good to know—thanks for coming back and telling us. I've been dealing with a similar issue over PM so this should hopefully provide a solution for that too. Cheers :) 

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