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Rose Petal Textures Add On KIT Photo & Designer

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The First in a series of Affinity Add-Ons specifically for Designers!Product_Page_1_85b10b32-c424-42c1-88db-9

This is the Rose Petal Texture set with multicoloured almost translucent colours taken from photos of REAL Roses.

There are NO fillers or files to pad out the kit. Just the tools you, as a Designer needs. You can then get on with your artistic skills and make your designs illuminate with these textures.

There are just THREE (3) program add-ons:-

  1. Rose Petal Texture Styles - for Both Designer & Photo
  2. Rose Petal  colours Palette - for Both Designer & Photo
  3. Rose Petal Vector Brushes - for Designer
  • A collection of Thirteen (13) Vector Brushes comprising ALL Twelve (12)  colours from the Styles set PLUS a neutral brush to use with the Rose Petals Colour Palette or  other colours of your choice.




IMPORTANT !  To ensure that you use the Correct Colour of choice: From the Swatches or Colour  tab, ensure that the  Stroke & Fill Ring and Circle  are BOTH set to NO COLOUR to ensure the Chosen Brush Colour is set. This does NOT apply to when using the First Vector Brush ( Grey one at the top of the Brushes  list) so you can use the colour/s of choice.

LICENCE:  You may use this Add-On Kit for UNLIMITED number of projects, designs, clients.You may use the resulting designs for all delivery methods, including but not limited to digital, printed, Digital On-Demand Print, web, cutting files, video and  moving image projects, broadcast etc.

NOT to be used for anything Illegal, pornographic, derogatory, or other similar uses.


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