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Hi Warwick Kemp,

Welcome to the forums :) 


You could design the pages in Designer and then use the 'Place' functionality to import your Affinity Photo images into your Designer document, and then export this as a PDF for print.

There are other programs available specifically designed for creating photo albums/scrapbooks, but unfortunately there is no direct Affinity version of this. 

Please note -

I am currently out of the office for a short while whilst recovering from surgery (nothing serious!), therefore will not be available on the Forums during this time.

Should you require a response from the team in a thread I have previously replied in - please Create a New Thread and our team will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

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  • 5 months later...


Is it possible to create Photo Album only using Affinty Photo (I don't have Designer)? How to do that - maybe somebody can advise me which video tutorials are best suitable to do that.

I need only basic functionality - to add multiple images on the page, to adjust them and to add some frames around images.

I would like to start from PhotoShop templates (for cover and inside pages) that are provided by company that will print that photo album. I can open them in Affinity. Finally I should provide each double-page as separate jpg file.

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Thank you for quick response. Releally good video to start making photo album/book.
Are there any other tutorials supporting making photo book/album in Affinity Photo (e.g. basic typography, working with frames and effects good for album)?

How to reset image to oryginal aspect ratio (something like image size properties under right mouse click)?
Is it possible to set required dimensions in mm for the image and move image inside such a window?


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1 hour ago, faflusniak said:

Could anybody help me with following questions?

How to reset image (placed in document) to oryginal aspect ratio?
Is it possible to set required dimensions in mm for the image (placed in document) and move image inside such a "window"?

You can set an image to the original ratio by double clicking on the top or side handles.

EDIT: That does just seem to reset the ratio, not the size too as I originally thought. 

The Transform panel allows you to set the size and the position by typing a value in the boxes. You can type something like 100 mm for millimetres, even if the box is displaying in pixels (px).


or select the Hand Tool and change the document units to millimetres or whatever you like.


Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Since we can't use "100%" as a value for setting back the width and heigh (unless there's a trick I don't know), I use 2 methods:

  • Entering the original pixel width and heigh in the transform panel (DPI sould be a single value)
  • Fast one if there isn't layer adjustment or another parts I want to keep: droping it again in my document, dragging it and resizing it (keeping the aspect ratio) at the same position, and deleting the distorted image

I do this in APhoto, ADesigner or APublisher since they work the same (screenshots are from Publisher).




And after this, you can lock the aspect ratio in the Transform panel and enter a value in cm.

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4 minutes ago, >|< said:

That will restore the original aspect ratio, but not the original size (unless the image has been scaled in only the dimension that is controlled by the side handle).

Yes, I just discovered that and amended my post. First time I tried it seemed to do both. I guess because I had not changed the size, only the ratio.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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My document is the cover of photo album. I placed image and I want this image to be background for the front side of the cover.
How to do that? I don't want to use image handles because it changes aspect ratio.
I tried to use crop tool but I cant (or don't know how) apply it selectively to image but it works only for entire document.
How to do that like in primitive on-line programs for making photo albums?
I am looking for functionality to set required size of the image (let's call it "window for image") then to be able to set position of the image inside such window or to zoom in/out image inside such window.
I hope that I explained what am looking for. Is it possible in Affinity?


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