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LARGE Export files

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I've been using  Affinity Designer and  Affinity Photo for over 6 months and finally had the courage to upgrade to the latest version (in hind sight I wish I didn't). I use both for web designing and now in  Affinity Designer when I want to export a 100px x 100px plain white box the jpg size 327kB???


Changing the quality down to 0 still says 327kB. This is just a plain white box with nothing else??


I did the same thing in  Affinity Photo and the size is just over 3kB which is what I expect.


Can someone please over a solution. I need optimised jpg's / png's for web design. 


My previous version ( was working great. I even uninstalled and tried to install the older version and still have the same issue so don't understand that at all.


At the moment  I can't use Affinity Designer at all because of this as I can't export any projects due to this very large file export files size.


I hope someone can help. I have attached an exported file of 100px x 100px white box.




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THANKS heaps MEB. I had really hoped it was something simple like this. I never touch this dropdown but somehow it must have been changed recently just as I updated to the newest version. 


My fault and thanks again for your troubleshooting.


Big relief :)

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