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Apply adjustment layer to single layer instead of entire document

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I am working with a photo. I added some adjustment layers for white balance and brightness. Then I copied and pasted some sections of the photo to hide some problems in the background. Those new sections don't have the adjustments applied, so I want to add the same adjustments to those new layers. When I try to adjust just the single new layers, it readjusts my original adjustments instead. I can't create a new white balance and brightness layer for the new layers only. I've tried adjusting from the adjustments panel and from the layers panel -- both with the same result. The instructions from the help menu make it sound like I should be able to apply adjustments to a single layer, but it's not working for me. Help, please!


Thank you!

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Try this video tutorial and see if it clears it up for you.




AMD A12-9700P Radeon R7

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If you want to have the same adjustment to each parts, you can put the adjustment(s) on top of all “parts”.

Some examples:

  1. adjustment layers on top (but one violet square). Each other violet square under the adjustment layer are light red.
  2. Each violet parts and the bottom violet layer get the same adjustment layer clipped : they became light red but the one without adjustment layer in the middle of the stack.
  3. Adjustment layers clipped and one not clipped : the colors are messed up.


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