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Photo - Export multiple layers to files, with same background

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Hello all. I need your help with exporting.


Here’s the situation:


I have one file with 10 individual wine bottles. Each bootle is an independent layer (let’s call them layers B1 to B10). 

I need to have a shadow and a colored background, that is exactly the same, in every image.

And I need to export each B1 to B10 layers, with SHADOW and BACKGROUND layers in all images, in JPG (no need for independent layers on the final image).


I’ve been testing the export persona but couldn’t find any way to do this.

If I select layers B1 to B10 and create slices for export, SHADOW and BACKGROUND are not exported.


Does anyone have experience with the export persona, to help me out with this issue?

Is there any way of automatically export each layer, having in common a set of layers or layer group?


Thank you

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Hi MartinsRibeiro,

Unfortunately there is currently no direct option to set in the export persona to enable exporting in the way you wish, however there may be a workaround for you. If possible, could you provide us with a copy of your .afphoto file so we can look into this for you? It may depend on how the background and shadows are set up, hence me requesting the file :) If you do not wish for your work to be public, you can send me a personal message through my profile with the file!

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Thanks for that, I have replied with an updated file with the following changes:

I changed your fill to a rectangle, so that the slice export will select the whole document size, rather than just the bottle with a fill behind.
I then duplicated the shadow group and rectangular background 5 times and ungrouped the bottles, then grouped each bottle with it's own shadow and background, naming the groups accordingly.
Now in the export persona, you can select each group and create a slice from each separately, then export all 6 slices at once. 
Hope this helps! :)

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That's great. Thank you


So if I create a group I can use that group to create a slice? Very interesting.

Any reason to use a rectangle for the background instead of a pixel layer?


I've modified the file so that it can be public, otherwise this post might not be very helpful for other users.


Bottles -affinity.afphoto

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Exactly so!
No specific advantage over either, although a rectangle is arguably easier to change/edit in the future, should you wish to change it. It could be used to nest an image inside for the background, and the rectangle would always ensure the image is clipped to the documents size.

That's very kind of you, thank you! :)

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