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Hi there,


I just start using AD for a couple of weeks now. While I really love it, I think some basic features are still missing. Where is Line tool and background blur? Am I missing something? I know I can use a Pen tool to create a line, but it's not as intuitive as just ordinary line tool like adobe X D and sketch have.


And about background blur, I have a difficult time when trying to create arcylic effect. In adobe X D, I can create it in just 2 clicks.


Sorry if some other members already request this. I hope Affinity can consider this request in the future.


Thank you.

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I believe Affinity Designer is mainly used for more-plain things like shapes and doesn't have many options effects. If you want to blur the background, you can group the background then open the effects panel and apply a Guassian blur to the group.

If you want to get more effects, though, you'd want to use Affinity Photo which is more for manipulating images. With Photo you can do things like filters, lighting and adjustments.


And yeah, I've noticed the line tool is really annoying to use and isn't that user-friendly. I had to do a search to find out how to even make lines in the first place.

I don't really like how I have to deselect the line (a big issue when you have organised stuff heaps) to make a new one continuing from one of the points on the previous line.

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