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Clone Tool Rotated 90°

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Here is an awful old problem that reoccurs on some photos: I can't figure out which. When using the clone tool with shape set to <100% and some rotation, the actual rotation on the photo changes by 90°. Look at the photo I attach, blow it up so one can see the outline of the cursor. I copied a black object that is to the right of the cursor, (off screen in this copy). The clone target should be at 45°; instead, as you can see on the screen, it is turned to 135°. This problem doesn't happen all the time, might not happen again if the same photo was opened later.

I am using a Macbook pro running 10.13.4 running Affinity 1.6.7  .

IMG_1211 5-13-18.jpg

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Hi junipermn


I think I've been able to replicate this. It simply looks like the cursor is using the opposite rotation, which it should not obviously


I shall get this passed on to the development team



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