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Ian R

Import pdf with multiple pages not auto creating slices

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I think I've found a bug. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


Steps as follows:


I can import a pdf file which has multiple pages

I can see those artboards created separately, automatically by Affinity Designer

I click on Export Persona and there are no slices automatically created

If I create an extra artboard and then click the Export Persona, then only that extra artboard is auto sliced!


Is this a bug? If not it would be good to find out why it behaves this way, as importing a pdf with multiple pages and converting them all to jpg or png files surely must be a common action to do and therefore make it important that it should work?


Thanks in advance.

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H Ian R


This is not a bug, only a background slice is created the rest need to be added manually. This is the same with any imported file. If you need to export as a multi-page PDF then you can just go to File > Export as this is designed more for full document export. The Export Persona is designed more for exporting individual elements of a document



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