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John Duperon

ICC profile included when should not be

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Hi All,

At my company we are trying to use Affinity Designer and Photo for the creation of advertising materials. The magazine printing company is having problems with the PDFs we generate with each of these programs. They require the PDFs contain no ICC profile information. We have tried without success to create PDFs without ICC profiles using the following versions of the software:

Affinity Designer - for Windows

Affinity Photo 1.6.7 - for Mac

The only solution we have found so far is to load the PDFs with Adobe Illustrator and recreate them, deleting the ICC profile info in the process. This was in fact only found via trial and error because we do not know of an easy way to check which ICC profile info is stored in the file.

It would be great if…

1) The export worked as intended and didn’t include the ICC profile when saving

2) If we had a way to determine if the ICC profile was included (maybe there is and we just don't know)

What can we do to help you solve this problem? Please let us know which files you need (the Affinity file, PDF, etc).

Thank you for your help,



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Hi John Duperon


If you click on the more button is the export dialog you will see additional PDF export options, on of the is include ICC profile. If you untick this then export, the profile will not be included. If you open this PDF in Affinity or another app, un-profiled documents get converted to the apps working profile as most require some form of colour management to display properly. In most cases this will be sRGB so if you're document was created in a different profile to this you can see if you document gets converted to sRGB and you will know it is un-profled. In Affinity you get a notification that an un-profiled document is converted



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I just noticed that you had responded to me. For some reason, I thought the forum would tell me someone had replied. It seems not.

Anyway, I know about the export options and including the ICC profile. I see in re-reading my post that it wasn't clear that I'm trying to report a bug. Ticking and unticking this box has no effect. The company still says we are including the profile. This is why I mentioned the version numbers and platforms.

The software they are using seems to be something called Enfocus (Processed with 'SAGE'?). The error message it gives is "ICC based is used for transparency group".

Perhaps they are wrong and the profile is not included when we use this option. But checking/unchecking the box still results in a file that gives the above error at the printer, and the error suggests there is an included profile.

As I said before, we can use Illustrator to fix this problem in the file, but we would prefer to just use Affinity products for everything if we can. This error is preventing us from doing that.

If you could fix this somehow, it would be much appreciated.



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