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Hi Everyone,


I'm not normally one to post in this section, mainly as the shots i take are just of painted walls (legal graffiti) so very little editing is done but thought i'd mix things up with some Affinity Photo stuff in this section. 


I made the most of the bank holiday weekend and went out and about early morning.  Also tested out a new NDX filter, only knowing the basics of what they do, i was clicking, then moving a stop and clicking again.  This ended up with a lot of very DARK images.  Anyway i was able to still make use of them and have attached the results in  JPG for the forum and also the original RAW file.  Love how the mist has been captured in the background which is what i was hoping for, need to work on skies next as i always seem to blow them out.  Feel free to use the RAW image and have a play.  I'm sure the more experienced photographers will spot any mistakes i've made, but i'm just getting to know my camera better and shooting on manual as much as possible :) any tips are welcome.  I have a Nikon d3200 with kit lens (18-55mm).


Tools used:


Most of the sliders in the Develop Persona.  Little brightness and clarity boost in Photo Persona


ap edit.jpg


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