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Background in Designer is grey instead of white

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2 hours ago, voitek said:

For a few days now, the working space background in Designer is slightly greyish instead of being white. 



Also had the same couple of time but mine was going dark grey.
Now it's okay but i believe it has something to do with the settings and creating of artboards.

Close the project and try again, should work normal after that

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6 hours ago, MEB said:

Hi voitek,

You can control the workspace background colour for regular and artboard based documents going to Affinity Designer Preferences, User Interface section and adjusting the first two sliders respectively.

I meant the artboard and the workspace themselves were grey instead of white. You can't change the color of them in Preferences.

It's just fixed itself randomly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Is there a way to make Designer create artboards by default without checking the box everytime?

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Hi voitek,

Not sure what happened from your description/screenshot. Maybe you have set a fill colour (grey) for the artboard? Or have converted an object (rectangle) filled with grey to an artboard? If it happens again let us know.


No, currently there's no way to create artboad based documents by default. Maybe you can set/prepare a document as you want and start new projects from it as if it was a template in the meantime?

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Hi voitek


Looking at your screenshot it looks like you have applied a fill to the artboard as MEB suggest. With the artboard selected click on the no fill option on the colour panel and it should turn the artboard back to white. As artboards are technically an object type you are able to give them colour fills. 


As for artboard presets the only ones we currently have are for Devices that automatically check the create artboard option. Hopefully if we add the ability to crate custom document presets i the future then you will be able to save your own options for this



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