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Wacom Intous Pro Compatability

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I installed Designer and Photo on my Windows 10 computer with my Wacom intuos board. I have used all programs with my Mac desktop for over a year with no issues. Mac died tonight. So purchased the windows version and am now attempting to set up the intuous. 

Tracing my art is coming across as 'skewed'. an example is my attempt of drawing a circle is creating an ellipse in the program. 

I added the software and did a 'handshake' with software and Wacom. they are talking. I have attached the art and a photo of the sketch I was attempting to duplicate.

Are there any updates or fixes for this issue? I downloaded the program 5/3/2018.


messedup cat.jpg


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Hi missveraj,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums! This looks like it is being caused by your 'Wacom Tablet Properties' with a multi monitor setup. I got this myself on other software, as well as Affinity, when my tablet mapping was set to both screens. As soon as I changed it to one screen it worked fine.

If you can load up your 'Wacom Tablet Properties' application look at the 'Mapping' tab and set it to the Monitor you wish to use. See attached screenshot - where I tried tracing the Affinity Logo with the mapping set to both screens. As soon as I changed to Monitor 1 it traced to the correct aspect.


NOTE: Although the screenshot was taken on Mac, those options are also available on the Windows drivers.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 15.45.10.png

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