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Cannot open or save a project - constant crashing on Affinity Photo for iPad

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I’ve been working on a huge photo retouching project for a couple of weeks now, both on Affinity Photo for the iPad and for the Mac. The file is 5589×8510 (250MB+), and the iPad Pro 10.5 has been handling it pretty well, but sometimes the iOS app crashed after opening the project and attempting to zoom, pan or do anything. But that was not an issue, because I just saved the project, closed it on the app, then reopened it again and things usually worked again (zero crashes on the Mac app. btw). 


But today, I have a project that won’t open or save. Whenever I try to do one of those things, the operation is never completed and the app simply crashes. What’s worse, I tried to save the project to iCloud, and now I have a 0-bytes file where my project used to be :( (I do have a copy from last night elsewhere). 


I also tried to create a copy of the original project on Affinity Photo for the iPad, but the exact same thing happens when I try to open or save it.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 




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Have you tried hard resetting the iPad? It sometimes helps by freeing up ram reserved by the OS. Press and hold power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. Takes around 10seconds. 

May not help if the file has been corrupted, but at least it removes one possible source of problems.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.1  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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Hey ahe,


If you still have access to the file that isn't 0-bytes, can you attempt to send it to us? Make copies and try it in case that also becomes 0-bytes. I can't think why this would happen in all honesty. If we can get access to the file, dev might be able to see what's wrong with it. 

I would definitely try DM1's recommendation first. 

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