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HELP! Please

I am getting blue artifacts when developing RAW (.dng) images

I get bring the DNG into the develop persona and develop as per the screen shot attached

When I apply the development I then duplicate the background layer and go sharpen - high pass (7.5px mono) and change the layer mode to soft light

The navigator shows lots of blue areas yet the master image doesn't - on exporting I get an image the same as the navigator image with blue all over it.

The same issue occurs with live filter

If instead of softlight I use hard light or overlay there is no issue.

In 16bit mode there is also no issue

As I prefer to keep images in 32bit until final export is there any way around this issue



initial development.JPG

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Hi Dr Astronomy,

This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed. I'll get it bumped with them! Unfortunately the only way around it is sadly to work on your image in 16bit. 

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