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Do you guys have a video showcasing how to fill aky of a drone 360 Pano? I came across a video on YouTube that showcased this, but cannot find it, nor can I remember if it was an "Affinity" showcased Video Workflow or someone else. Due to the Zenith constraints of Drone 360 image capture, I need to fill the sky. Thank you.

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Hi ScoutPro,


I'm not aware of a tutorial that covers editing drone shot in Affinity but we do have some videos that cover working with 360 images:

This would be a good video to start with:


It's covers 360 Editing and techniques used to tidy up an image. You could use the Inpainting brush to fill in the missing parts of the sky.


For more advanced techniques with 360 Editing, give this video a watch: https://vimeo.com/192600018


Hope that helps


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