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FUJI GFX50s RAW files load incorrectly.

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  • Hi

    When loading GFX50s RAF file into the Develop Persona the left side is missing about 450 pixels and the right side has a black rectangle where I would expect image, also it looks like the image size is wrong.


    This is a screen capture of my desktop.

    Notice: In Affinity Photo: missing pixels, the black strip and at the top the decoded picture size. In the right (explorer): no black strip and see the picture size. The original picture (RAF and decoded TIFF in other software) show 8256x6192, where AP is showing it as 8280x6208.


    This is a screen capture of just the black strip zoomed all the way so it is showing where the image data ends and the width of the black strip.

    Here is the RAF file to duplicate the problem: RW007722.zip (73MB)



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Hi 6hbg,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Thanks for your report and file. I'm seeing the same results here. I'm logging this to be looked at. Note that this camera is not officially supported yet. Here's the current list of supported cameras/RAW formats.


Regarding the different size in pixels this is by design. Affinity Photo doesn't crop out the data the camera manufacturer considers unreliable and instead display the full frame data as captured by the camera sensor leaving the cropping decision to the user (thus the additional pixels in the dimensions of the image).

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