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Dear all,

following the recommendation of my friend, I now consider myself a proud owner of Affinity Photo. However, having just started using it, I have already run into a problem -- and it's a biggie for me. My drawing tablet (GAOMON M106K) doesn't work right with it. I can move the cursor with my pen but when I run it over the drawing surface, no line is drawn even though the brush function is activated and I'm pressing the button on the pen. It's only when I hover slightly over the drawing surface that a line is drawn, which doesn't make drawing easy, to say the least. The same happens when using other tools in the software. How can I draw lines (or use any other tool) with my pen while actually physically touching the tablet with it? (When using other software like GIMP, it works just fine, so it must have something to do with Affinity Photo.)

I'm looking forward to any help and hope that you have a great day.



Edit: Whoops, I forgot to mention. I am using the 64 bit version of Windows 10.

Edit 2: In finally solved it on my own -- I had to enable the 'experimental' highly precise tablet input in the settings menu. Maybe it helps other newbies like me out there!

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Hi there!

Just wanted to add my two cents here, since this post has been already opened. I got a Gaomon M106K myself (about two weeks ago), just out of curiosity. And so far, it works pretty damn well with apps such as Krita and Clip Studio Paint, to mention a few. Unfortunately, using it with Affinity Designer it's kind of a nightmare. I'm using a 2018 16 GB MacBook Pro.

Despite, the action of painting itself has no issues at all, pressure sensitivity and tilt work perfectly, I've found these issues so far:

  • Designer doesn't recognize stylus clicks at random. Doing things like selecting brushes, selecting layers or switching Personas won't work most of the times. Sometimes I restart the app, works for a while and then stops working again.
  • When you press 'Option' plus clicking with the stylus to use the color picker, sometimes picks up the color, but it gets stuck picking colors all over the canvas.
  • With Photo happens the same, but less often.

It might seem like a little, but when working an entire illustration with these issues happening all the time gets really frustrating. My old Wacom Intuos Draw, work flawlessly with both apps. It's a bummer, because painting with this Gaomon tablet feels a lot smoother and more precise than with my Wacom.

- Enrique

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UPDATE: I've found a little hack to 'unstuck' the Gaomon stylus. You just need to press the 'option' key again and that's it, clicking with the stylus works again. I'm not sure if this is a Mac issue only, MY Mac issue only, or a global issue... but in case someone finds this useful, I'll leave it here.





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