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very slow and draging photo 1.6.7 on imac late 2015

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just downloaded photo 1.6.7 on imac 10.13.3 retina 5k, 27 inch late 2015 3.3Ghz intel core i5, 8 GB Radeon R9 2GB

Checked with activity monitor and nothing of significance is going, affinity takes all all % CPU. But something must be wrong, or not? I carefully looked at all feedback on line before buying this app but it is completely unusable at this speed. Apple Photos, Adobe Photoshop when started separately work well and fast.


Much appreciate some help! Was so much looking forward to this software... )-:




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  • Staff

Hi Arnim,

Welcome to the forums :)


I'm sorry to hear this, I have attached a screenshot showing my iMac running Affinity Photo in develop mode and activity monitor. As you can see there are no abnormal figures here and the program is running as expected. We are not currently receiving an influx of reports for this issue, so I believe it may be specific to your system.

Does this happen with no files open? Or is your CPU usage spiking during certain operations?
Are you working with RAW files? If so, from which camera please?


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Hi Dan,


thank you for your fast response. Very impressive! My excitement about this product is high and I have deeply enjoyed watching the excellent tutorials.

To your questions:

. to import 100 raw pictures (from the D7500) from the SD memory in my imac takes about 1 minute in Apple Photos 3.0. To import 10 raw files (from my hard disk) to Affinity development takes about 2 minutes. So about 20 times slower. See first screenshot.

. once all 10 raw files are in Affinity it takes about 5 seconds for split view to fill the other half. See second screenshot

. to develop one raw picture takes about 16 seconds. See last screenshot


hope between the 3 screenshots you have the info that could help identify why it is slow.


much appreciate your assistance, in the meantime I am off to watch more tutorials!






Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.11.44 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.16.04 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 6.19.45 AM.jpg

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  • Staff

In terms of copying/importing speeds, importing files from your SD card into Apple Photos simply copies the files and creates thumbnails for them. Apple Photos does not process the image, so the speed of importing into Apple Photos is relative to your transfer speeds, unlike when opening images in Affinity, as these need to be processed. For this reason, the timings cannot really be compared as each app is performing completely different actions.

The slow split view you are seeing is a RAM (memory) limitation. With 10 images opened in the software your computer will be having to overflow some memory to the SSD, which is considerably slower than RAM. I'd recommend opening a few less RAWs at once, as well as trying the Apple Core RAW engine, as with certain cameras this can help loading times. This can be changed at any point by clicking on the assistant icon in the top toolbar.

As above, developing images is taking slightly longer than expected due to a lack of resources available, as the open RAW files will have already filled the memory. Try opening 4-5 RAW files, experimenting with Apple Core engine and I expect you will see much more satisfactory times.

It's great you're excited about our software and we're glad to hear you've joined the Affinity family! :) 

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