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Marek Malík

Application not responding for 10 sec after every start of Affinity Designer

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I'm experiencing really annoying problem with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Everytime when I start Affinity programs, open blank document and start working. After about 5 sec i have a lag (application not responding about 10-15 sec) and then everything works fine. It's happening just after only first time I create new document or I open the existing one after start Affinity programs. When I create next document or open next one, it's ok. It's not something new, I have this problem from Beta, now I'm just decided to resolve it. I also tried reinstall Affinity, but nothing has changed.


This problem persist on all my two computers where I've instalation of Affinity Designer. I don't think it's caused by slow computer. I've got quad-core Intel Core i5, 3.4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel SSD and NVIDIA GTX 750 1GB. I use the latest version Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo ( I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, build 1709.


Thank you for any kind of help.

If you will need any aditional information, just ask for it.





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On 30. 4. 2018 at 10:07 AM, Chris B said:

Hey Marek, 


Do the three machines have anything in common, such as using the same anti-virus software? Do they all share the same fonts?


Hi, yes, I use almost the same software on both computers.

I also look at the topic Issues Caused By Third Party Software and it's not my case.


You can look at my Installed Software from one of my computers here.

And also for installed fonts here.


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Thanks for the detailed info Marek :)


It looks like your GeForce Experience app needs updating. You are on version 2.11 and I'm on 3.13 so perhaps you might need to update your graphics drivers too? 

It might also be the number of fonts you have installed. In the past, we have struggled when someone has a lot of fonts installed.

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