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Removing directory before save causes crash

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Steps to produce:


1. Create a folder

2. Save a file from Affinity Designer into that folder

3. Move that folder to another location from the terminal `mv /path/to/affinity-saved assets /other/path`

4. Return to Designer, save another file `Save As`

5. Designer shows the previous folder no longer there (cached)

6. Save the file to the phantom folder -- Hangs / Crash




Check if path exists before attempting to save to it. Throw exception to user "path has been remove" and default to the users home directory.


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Hi babak


I'm getting to step 5 but it's not showing me the 'phantom' folder. Instead save as defaults to my documents folder after the save folder path has been moved and allows me to save there fine. I've tried moving to both local folders and different volumes and ;m getting the same results. What OS are you using and where are you moving the folder to?



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