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I bought Affinity Photo not so long ago, came from photoshop. I was wondering how I can merge selected layers? When selecting multiple layers I can only see merge visible.

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Hi Cheesmeet,

Welcome to the forums!

You can use merge visible layers as you have mentioned, which is a non destructive way of merging multiple layers to one new pixel layer.
Another option is to go to Document > Flatten, however this will merge ALL layers together into one rasterised pixel layer.
Also, you can select multiple layers, group them together and then rasterise them, giving you more control than Flatten but this is destructive.

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Yet another destructive way to do this (& maybe the simplest) is to select several layers in the Layers panel & from the Layer menu, choose "Merge Selected" (or use the keyboard shortcut for that).


This works for pixel, image & text layers, rasterizing & merging them into one layer in one step. It will ignore vector object layers, so to include them in the merge you must first rasterize them separately.

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@Cheesmeet please considère toi select the option "save with history"

It will generate a bigger file but at least you will keep all steps of you project And come back if needed. 

Don't know if its possible with photo but you should consider to check "continuous" along with export. 

Should be of great help in your workflow. 

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