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Swatches incorrectly retain selected state when selecting object whose color is not a swatch

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How to Reproduce:

  1. Create several dummy shapes
  2. Color the shapes and create swatches for some of those colors
  3. With the Swatches panel open, alternately select the shapes
  4. If the shape's fill/stroke color matches a swatch, the respective swatch appears selected in the Swatches Panel (this is good)
  5. If the shape's fill/stroke color doesn't match a swatch, the last swatch still appears selected (this is bad)


How to Solve:

  1. When an object's fill/stroke color doesn't match a swatch, none of the swatches should appear selected

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I don't have this on Windows (AD, but if I switch fill/stroke, the selected swatch color stay selected instead of selecting the stroke/fill color.

If the stroke is in front, and I select a shape with a stroke, the right swatch is selected, etc.
It's the same way with fill color.

If there isn't any swatch for a stroke/fill color, no swatch is selected.


The bug would be in my case "AD doesn't select the swatch" when switching (x) or clicking fill/stroke, and stay on the shape stroke/fill swatch/transparency.



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