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Macro to add border

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I want to create a macro that will add a border to my images. To do that, I need to add a fill layer, and then move it below the image layer. But the macro editor won't record moving the layer. Is there another way to use a macro to add a border?

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To move a layer with a macro do not try to drag the layer in the layers panel

Just record selecting the layer then from the menus use

Arrange > Move back One

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Hello dky,
Carl has already given a tip on how you can record your macro.
I also present my photos with a border, the photos will  in two sizes presented,
both in portrait and landscape format.
Brief description how my the macro works, for a Photo with triple border
and in a final size of 1200 x 800 pix.

Step one: all processing steps will closed (e,g, exposure Compensation etc.)
Step two: rastering
Step three: Document resize
Step four:  Canvas resize
Step five: fill with color
Step six: move nodes to botton
Step seven: rastering

Step five to seven twice to repeat.

Disadvantage, it will for each target size a macro is needed.
A way, how a border with a dynamic adjustment is created, I did not find.
Maybe my suggestion will help.

see macro below


border 1200 x 800 landscape.afmacro

Affinity Photo   Affinity Photo-Beta     Affinity Designer  Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher Publisher-Beta    

Windows 10 Pro  (Version  21H2 Build 19044.1645)


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I would love to see affinity make a tutorial video over this. In my case it has been with so many errors, specially when cropping. You’d think when you record cropping in macro by costume ratio, it would always crop from center as its previewed. But when you do a  batch job using that macro, it crops from right and down sides instead, And keeps all top and left sides of the picture. Am i missing something here? 

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Hello ~ For anyone who is interested I have managed to create an "Add Border Macro" that seems to work fine. You can create multiple border Macros (Various border widths) First go to Studio view and check the Macro option. The Macro panel appears.
Add new macro and Record the following actions.

1. Select ~ Select All  (Ctrl A in windows)
2. Then ~ Select > Outline
3. A Box will appear and now select from the options "Inside"
4. In the PIXELS box add what width you want the border to be eg 10px
5. Click Apply
6. Now .. Edit > Fill with Primary colour (Which makes the border White) (Secondary Colour is Black)
7. Now press the ESC key (In windows) not sure for a Mac
8. Now ~ STOP recording and Name the Macro as ~ Border 10px

Job done ~ Items in bold are on the Menu Bar.
You can create multiple variations of this eg 10px border 20px border etc. Maybe 20px Border RED or Blue etc.

Works fine for me.



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