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The Lightning Phoenix

How to get the color picker sub-tool working with the surface pen

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Hey, I recently started the trial to see if I would like this program and so far I have, however, one thing that I noticed that will really bother me is that with the surface pen (the one with the top and side button) I can't press the right button and use the pencil's color picker. Is there a way to remap that or is there a tablet mode I can use to make it work better in the tablet mode on my surface book (Like photoshop's feature to use all the hotkeys on the left)?
Thank you guys in advance, if one of those features are in there, I will most definitely get the program

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Hi @The Lightning Phoenix,


Welcome to the forums.


The side button on Surface Pen is hard mapped to Right-click. And you cannot change its behaviour from within Affinity. There are ways of re-mapping the button, but that will remap the entire right-click option to something else, which is generally an option to avoid. Unfortunately, we do not have a "tablet mode" apart from the iOS version. 




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