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Perspective Skew Correction Tutorial - Added Mesh Warp

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As a follow-up to the recent Perspective Skew Correction Video by Affinity Photo, I attempted to take the perspective correction one step further by using the Mesh Warp Tool.

Below shows the original image used in the video, the application of the Source Mesh, the resulting Destination Mesh, and the resulting image.  


If the experts at Affinity know an easier way to do it, please let me and the other Affinity Photo devotees how . . .



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Firstly, I am definitely no expert!

The Mesh Warp is pretty powerful but I find it requires a fair bit of fiddling. Have you tried the Perspective filter?

The Perspective filter only has corner nodes but gives a pretty good result for very little effort. Below took less than 30 secs to achieve and the distortion around the doors is not so evident.  



IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 13.4   Affinity Photo 1.8.3 .180   Affinity Design Publisher for iPad (2020?)

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DM1 - Thank you for the example of using the Perspective Filter to make image adjustments. Great job! I think the use of the Perspective Filter will work on images that are straight on shots, as is the one used in the Perspective Skew Correction tutorial. Or, even angled shots using the two plane option on the Perspective Filter.


Unfortunately, most architectural shots that I am required to take are interior photos using an extreme wide-angle or fisheye lens. In these cases, neither the single or two plane perspective tool (in combination with the lens distortion tools) is adequate to make the corrections required for marketing use and/or client satisfaction.


It is for this reason that I hope that Affinity will create a Mesh Warp tutorial that addresses this more complicated issue. As you can tell from my image samples, I have experimented with the tool but would really appreciate a short overview from the software developers/experts to ensure I'm using the tool correctly and efficiently. 


Again, thank you for your reply. Happy Editing!


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Don't forget that this façade was made of straight lines and regular curves. Imagine a cube, or rotate a box in your hands.

The perspective grid is the best way to correct this photo, and we have to correct many angles.

You can add guides to make the process easier. (in yellow, the curves added by the mesh warp grid).


If you use fisheye lens, it's another problem since this add a lot of distortion, and it can be difficult or impossible to correct.





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