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The image attach of Photoshops levels control window has the extra sliders at the bottom to adjust the output levels. This is a great option to have to do a final adjustment. If AP added this it would translate the levels adjustment layer across from PS to AP correctly.

Theres a lot of fixing files coming from PS over to AP. With these extra controls there would be a lot of time saved.


In the second image is photoshops gradient layer FX window.

It would be great to have the control to delete colour and transparency nodes and/or adjust their opacity.

This can be done in PS when their is only 2 nodes. You’re able to delete the colour section of the node, leaving just the transparency node. Then if you want you can delete that leaving only 1 node in the gradient bar, that last node can be used as a simple fill.

Having the option to do this is good for adding a colour to an area and not effecting the rest of the image. 

This would also help translate the PSD file across without any further adjustments.






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