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Photoshop ICC Profiles in Affinity

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Red River Paper offers different Photoshop ICC Profiles for their many types of papers.  I asked them if they have these for Affinity and they didn't know if Affinity used them.  

Does Affinity have an answer to this?

I saw one comment in the forum that an  Affinity user printed on different papers and sent them to his supplier and they created specific ICC Profiles to use with Affinity for their paper.


Dear Wonderful Serif/Affinity - If I need ICC Profiles, what do you recommend?

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If you use Red River papers (I do, and I love them) you can download Printer ICC Profiles that match a specific printer to a specific paper. So, for instance, I use a Canon Pixma Pro-100 for photo printing, and ususally print using Red River Ultra Gloss II. I have download an ICC profile called "RR Ultra Pro Gloss CanPRO-100.icc" which ties together the paper and the printer. When I print, I set my printer dialog (be warned: I'm using a Mac) like so:


and then like so:


This gets me pretty good color fildelity, especially when I'm careful about calibrating my monitor too.

PS - I've since switched to a SpyderPrint setup, which lets me create my own printer icc profiles - matched to MY printer and to MY paper. It is noticeably better than the generic version I got directly from Red River. But, the Red River version was light years ahead of anything less specific.

PPS - I know that all this can be done on Windows, but you'll have to get a Windows geek to chime in about exactly which hoops to jump through for this one.

Good luck!

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