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Filter Gallery and Artistic Filters?

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I am looking for a replacement to Photoshop, which I have been using for 25 years. Adobe now insists that my current version is "not genuine" despite the fact that I bought it from them about 5 years ago.  In any case, I have been experimenting with Affinity, with mixed results, mainly because I cannot find the types of artistic filters I use routinely in Photoshop. I generally bring a photo into Photoshop and then play with it. Rarely do I strive for a finished work that looks like a photograph. In fact, just the opposite. I use the various oil painting, water color, and other filters until I have a piece I like. Then I print. None of these filters are in Affinity. The question is when, or whether they will be in Affinity.  I style myself a digital pseudo-artist. I enter works routinely in local art walks. Sometimes I even sell a piece or two. But Picasso I ain't. Nor am I Ansel Adams.  Just a rapidly aging old guy who likes to have fun with photographic images. You can view some of my works at my "artsy blog". It is at https://observedart.blogspot.com.

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Hi artfulnotes,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Currently Affinity Photo doesn't have any artistic filters. We do intend to add them later in a future version. There's however a few Topaz plugins that work inside Topaz Studio (also supported as a plugin in Affinity Photo) that may interest you (it also work as an independent app) - check it out here . 

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G'MIC has a very nice selection of artistic filters. Download Krita, which has a selection of artistic filters and the complete G'MIC built-in. Open source and free.



Would be nice if Affinity Photo would include G'MIC at some point.

To use Krita, download from krita.org, drag/open your image/developed RAW from Photo in Krita, then open the Filter-->Start G'MIC-Qt. Look under "Artistic". Aside from these you will find a bunch more under "Filters-->Artistic".

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If memory serves me correctly (and it frequently does not!) there was a suggestion along the way that the "Looks Persona" would be the equivalent of a Filter Gallery, or an Artistic Filter kind of mode. The Looks Persona has been listed in the Affinity Photo Roadmap for as long as I can remember, but it seems to have gotten very little "air time." Maybe what you're asking for actually IS on the docket, but hasn't arrived yet.

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