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Amanda C. Sharp

BUG: AD - Artboard's now you see it, now you don't

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What are the best spotting degrees for sport shooting? 

This is a hard inquiry to give you a clever response to. 

There are a great deal of spotting extensions available. Of every one of them, the 'best' is likely a Leupold, yet for the cash you'll need to spend to get one, it may not be a reasonable alternative for you! The least cost I've seen for one is perhaps about $500, yet a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars is a more practical value go for a large portion of the models they offer.  best spotting scope under 500 site google

I've had a Tasco that I delighted in for a long time, and I paid around fifty dollars for it. It wasn't as decent or as high caliber as a Leupold by any methods, yet the distinction was that I had it, which improves it than one I didn't have! Difficult to utilize something you don't have. 

Most available are serviceable. In case you're essentially shooting on an objective range, that is not for the most part a particularly requesting use for a degree, especially in case you're shielded (a shade rooftop over your head) and you're normally just out on moderately pleasant days that aren't foggy or sticky.  https://gitlab.com/amanda121287/spotting-scope/wikis/Best-Spotting-Scope-Under-200:-Which-Is-the-Best-Pick-for-The-Budget

My recommendation is that you decide exactly how much extension you 'require' for what you need to utilize it for and after that direct your own particular research of the models that fit your financial plan. Cautious examination of online audits composed by individuals who have purchased and utilized the models that are important to you will most likely give you an entirely smart thought if a degree that you can manage the cost of will do what you require it to or not. Click here

On the off chance that you can look at some face to face in a retail setting, here and there looking through a degree is one of the occasions where a 'major box' store is pleasant; you can take a gander at something a reasonable separation off, for example, a sign dangling from the roof somewhere else in the store or if nothing else the surface of a far off divider. On the off chance that you can see a fly sitting on a divider that is a few hundred feet away under unremarkable lighting conditions, that extension can't be all that awful to the extent the optics go!

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Hi Amanda,


I think the behaviour is the following: If the object is within the artboard in the layer pannel, then it will be hidden if it is moved outside the artboard area (but still with some edge contact with the artboard). If the object is outside the artboard in the layer pannel, it will be visible as a free object outside the artboard. Mostly, objects moved "far" outside the artboard area are also moved outside the artboard layer. Moving an outside object back over the artboard area will put it automatically inside the artboard in the layer pannel as well.


I'm not sure why the objects are disappearing (not only hidden) in your movie, though. Are you sure you are not pressing a key while deselecting one of them that actually deletes the object (since they are also completely vanishing from the layer pannel)?


Also, why don't you update to the current version (1.6.1)? Maybe that's a bug that has been fixed since the 1.3.x version you are using.

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Hi Amanda C. Sharp,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I'm having trouble reproducing this here with the current version (1.6.1). There was quite a few fixes/improvements related to artboards since version 1.3 Can you please update the program to the latest version and check this again? To update the program run the Mac App Store, go to the Updates section on top and press the Update button in front of Affinity Designer from the list below. Make sure you are signed-in with the same Apple ID used to buy Affinity Designer in the App Store.

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