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BUG: AD - Artboard's now you see it, now you don't

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Hi Amanda,


I think the behaviour is the following: If the object is within the artboard in the layer pannel, then it will be hidden if it is moved outside the artboard area (but still with some edge contact with the artboard). If the object is outside the artboard in the layer pannel, it will be visible as a free object outside the artboard. Mostly, objects moved "far" outside the artboard area are also moved outside the artboard layer. Moving an outside object back over the artboard area will put it automatically inside the artboard in the layer pannel as well.


I'm not sure why the objects are disappearing (not only hidden) in your movie, though. Are you sure you are not pressing a key while deselecting one of them that actually deletes the object (since they are also completely vanishing from the layer pannel)?


Also, why don't you update to the current version (1.6.1)? Maybe that's a bug that has been fixed since the 1.3.x version you are using.

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