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Sunset editing creates weird line between Sky and underexposed landscape

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When I'm editing a sunset photo with people in the foreground I select the sky to enhance colors then I flip my selection to brighten the people & the foreground because that part of the photo is often under exposed. Because I'm editing the two halves of the photo separately, there is often a grey and sometimes neon yellow line that gets created where the two halves of the photo meet (right down the selection line). Is there a best practices way to avoid or fix this issue so it looks less edited? I've noticed even slight enhancements can cause this line.


Thanks, I'm new to all things photo editing! :)


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Hi jsakvt and Welcome to the Forums,


I'd suggest checking out this thread for a method to remove the halo that has been left behind.  Also this thread has another method.  They all reference the Desktop version of Affinity but you have the same tools available in the iPad version of Affinity.


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