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I have made a art document with several layers on a Macbook with High Sierra 10.13.4 version.

Now in the outline version, I can see all layers, but in the retina pixel or pixel versions, I can see only half of the layers. When I save the art document, it does the retina or pixel version but not the outline view.

Is there a way how to save the document like we see it on the outline view?

Or do I make something wrong when I draw that makes me disappear some layers ?



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have forgotten the computer model

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Hi Pa Yvan and Welcome to the Forums,


No current way to export the outline view using the export methods.  You could duplicate the artboard, select all the objects and remove the fill, then set a 1pt Stroke on the Stroke Panel and then export what you see here (which will match the outline view).  


Also, which layers are disappearing when you switch between the view modes?  I see no difference between Pixel and Retina on my Mac.  If i switch to outline, then the fill is removed from the design and i'm just shown the outline of the design as expected.  There is a rectangle in the middle of the of the design that only shows up in Outline view but that's because it doesn't have a stroke set.  If you set a 1pt stroke you'd see that in all views.

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