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Is there a "Align Nodes" Tool? (+other questions about paths)

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I was wanting to align nodes, but there didn't seem to be an ability to align them relative to each other on the same curve. I have been using Inkscape, and I wanted to purchase Affinity designer, but there seems to be a few things that don't seem to be there that I wish there was, including the ability to align nodes. It would be nice if there was an "Insert node at middle point" to insert new nodes right between two existing nodes on the same curve.

Is there any way to do this?

Also, I find that manipulating nodes doesn't offer a lot of precise control. Is there a way to move bezier handles relative (exactly) to the x axis, y axis, or 45 degrees without it being in that position originally? Shift only constrains it to moving along the path it was already on... Which is useful, but sometimes I want it to be along the x axis instead, and there is not exact way of doing this it seems.

Another thing... Is there an inset feature? It would be really handy to have, when you want to shrink something down, but not proportionally, so that it leaves the same amount of space around each side.

Anyways, I'm just using the trial version to test it out before I actually buy it.

I am currently really loving Affinity Designer, as it puts a lot of focus on making the designing experience as fluid and dynamic as possible, however it seems to be missing quite a few features that Inkscape has which is messing up my workflow and making me hesitant to purchase Affinity designer. I've only been using it for a few days so I could just be missing some things.

Also, I am LOVING the drawing tool (SO much better than Inkscape's) but is there any way of modifying the pressure along the curve AFTER you have drawn it? Sometimes I draw it with my drawing tablet, but I mess up the pressure at a certain part, and I would just want a little more control over the dynamics of the curve.


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Hi #SVG,

Welcome to the forums!

In terms of aligning nodes, there are snapping options available in the context toolbar when you have the node tool selected. I believe the option you are looking for is the first one, 'Snap to selective curves'. This will now snap any selected node to one on the same path when being transformed.
Unfortunately there is currently no option to add a node at the middle point between two nodes, inset feature or ability to constrain bezier handles to anything other than the original curve, but I'd recommend posting these in our feature requests section for our developers to see here.

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying using the Affinity Designer trial :)
You can change the pressure of any curve drawn, before or after the fact. If you are looking to change the whole curve, simply select it using the move or node tool and you will now see stroke options on the context toolbar. In the bottom right of the stroke drop down menu is 'Pressure', here you can change the pressure of the stroke after it has been drawn. If you're looking to only change a certain part of a curve, you may need to add a few nodes and break this section away from the overall curve before changing the pressure. See:

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! Adjusting the pressure manually will be very helpful.

Anyways, I'll be sure to mention the other features in the feature requests.

I am a huge fan of what Affinity is so far, but it just seems to be missing a few details I wish it had.

About the node alignment, node snapping isn't what I meant - I was looking for a feature where I could align nodes to each other the same way I can align shapes to each other. Below, I found a GIF of someone using the feature in Inkscape.

Thanks again!

Align and Distribute Nodes Inkscape YandiDesigns.gif

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I see, my apologies!
This isn't a current feature, but the developers have reworked multiple tools for 1.7 release, including the node tool, as in this post by one of our developers Ben.
Again I'd recommend it in the feature requests section, as our developers are always looking to better the software based on our users experience :) 

Glad to hear you're enjoying Affinity!

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Seems to me like Affinity Designer is missing some pretty common features. Illustrator has this and if Inkscape does, wouldn't you think Affinity Designer would have this done?

I spend a lot of time searching in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for feature that I'm familiar with but which turn out  haven't been added yet. Somewhat disappointing and certainly deters my use of this software.

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Posted (edited)

Agree that we need this tool! I use it a lot. Please, if it's not much to ask, ad this feature on future updates. Thank you.

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Node alignment is included in v1.7 - you can try the beta right now to see how it works.

The beta installs in parallel with 1.6 so no danger in trying out all the new features.


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