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Problemas en Fuentes - Designer

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Tengo dos meses luchando con un problema en Affinity Designer, sucede cada vez que quiero cambiar el tipo de fuente, al dar clic a la caja se Fuentes se queda frisado y tengo que hacer cierre forzoso porque no vuelve a responder, he actualizado a la ultima versión y el error sigue, he desinstalado toda la aplicación y he vuelto a instalar y el error sigue.


Agradezco a quien pueda aportar una ayuda a solucionar este problema.






I have two months struggling with a problem in Affinity Designer, it happens every time I want to change the font type, by clicking on the box Fuentes is frozen and I have to do forced closure because he does not respond again, I updated the last version and the error continues, I have uninstalled the entire application and I have reinstalled and the error continues.

I am grateful to anyone who can help to solve this problem.



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5 hours ago, MEB said:

Hi manauri,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Check my reply here. Are you using a scaled resolution? If so switch to the native resolution (5120x2880) and check if this still happens for you. If it then works correctly this is a known issue we are looking into.


Thank you for support.


I have an iMac 5K monitor and the solution was to lower the resolution.
we hope soon the solution in a future update



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