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Files Size increases 4 to 5 times Raw size

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I've been having issues with the current version of Affinity Photo. When I open a RAW cr2 file it opens as usual . Even if I only click Develop, the file size increases to 4 to 5 times the original size , usually around 24 meg before I do anything to it. Then it goes to over 100 meg. I've been using Affinity Photo since ver. 1.5 and this never happened before. It pretty much renders the program useless to do anything ,since my Laptop comes to a screeching halt for several minutes until I can do any kind of workflow.

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Hey EJI, welcome to the Affinity Forums.


I've just taken a 24mb CR2 raw file (3670 x 5496) and saved it in 1.6.4, 1.5.0 and 1.5.2 and the resulting AFPhoto file from each build is 117mb (3670 x 5496 RGB/16) using Save As. To my knowledge, we haven't changed anything that should increase the file sizes in any recent versions. We have always optimised speed over file size which results in bigger files than other programs.

Do you have an older file saved from an earlier version that we could look at? 

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The real issue besides the file sizes being large, is that it takes forever for anything to open or if I click on a item such as sharpen or
other options or layers. It maxes out my processor and I cant do anything for several minutes. This seems to have started a few weeks ago after I updated. 
I have checked for virus's and the system is clean. I don't know if a windows update may be causing the slow down or if you have seen this recently.
I am including a file from a previous version. This is a normal workflow for me.  A similar file on the current system will be twice that size and take a long time to process.

I am running
Windows 10 home
AMD A-12-9700 Radeon R7 10 Comp cores 4c+6g 2.50 ghz.
8 g ram, 1 tb hdd. 64 Bit


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Hey EJI,


Thanks for attaching the file. I noticed you've got two backgrounds and deleting one of those and doing a Save As reduced the file by 50mb.

One thing that might be slowing you down is the Live Filter Layers. These are known to impact performance somewhat. If you find everything is going a bit slow, try hiding the layer until you're ready to export. Development have said in the past they want to address the Live Filter Layers so they aren't as resource hungry. 

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Just opening the file and doing a Save as reduces the file size by 50mb.  I suspect it had not been "streamlined" when uploaded.

Then deleting the redundant background layer does not reduce this any further



The original document is 4500 x 3000 (131MB)
After the Save as it is 4500 x 3000 (85MB)

Assuming the OP does not need the document to be this large, they can reduce it to be closer to their required final image size which should give the Live Filter Layers less work to do which should increase the performance

So let's say we reduce the document to 2250 x 1500 (halved) now if we do a Save as we get a document which is 106MB
So by halving the size of the document our Saved as document is now 21MB bigger !!!!


The document contains a snapshot (copy) of the original document automatically created by the program

If we now delete that snapshot and do another Save as we get a much more reasonable/expected final file size of 22MB

So for the OP (and anyone else) experiencing these sort of problems I would suggest, reducing and working on images at the final size you want them to be (when possible) and to delete that initial snapshot that you may not have known existed.

If that still does not work for the OP they are going to need a bigger Laptop, as the Affinity File Format and Live Filter Layers still need some work by the Dev Team

Due to the fact that Boris Johnson is now our Prime Minister, punctuation, spelling and grammar will never be worried about ever again.  We now have far bigger problems to be concerned about.

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Thanks for the replies. The live filters are the culprit for the slow down , especially when opening the file. Hiding them before saving made all the difference when opening the file back up to work on it. Hopefully this will be looked into a little more in Development. I will work on the size reduction and other suggestions. Thanks!

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