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How to reduce halo on masked selection....

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Hi there,


newbie here so please go easy on me!


I have selected my foreground and refined the selection nice. I convert the selection to a masking layer. I add a background and place this under my foreground. All looks good except there is the thinnest line of pixels around parts of the foreground. In ps I would select the mask layer then select using the lasso tool an area that i wanted to correct and apply a levels correction just on the mask, very effective and quick.


Is there an easy way to do something similar in Affinity on the ipad? I’ve attached a crop illustrating what I mean.


cheers, g


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Other users experiencing similar effects have found different solutions, check this thread out for more info. Another alternative method that can be used is this one.

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Hi Lee, ta for the quick reply. Most of those other posts relate to blurring the original background by the looks, interesting though. I actually managed to get it to work in the same way as ps in the end. Select the masking layer, make a selection around the area of the halo. Use the levels adjustment and change the channel to alpha. Now dealing up the Black will remove the halo nicely. 


Good stuff!



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