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Win AD: Keep vectors on Save as SVG as far as possible

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I'm using designer for Vector graphics (Illustrations / animations) online. So I was surprised to see some features generate base64 images inside the SVG fileformat while a lot of times it shouldn't be nececary;


  • Why does the 'Outline' Layer effect use rasterisation on vector objects?
    I would expect this to generate another vector-shape while exporting to SVG that is slightly larger than the object
  • Why does 'Color Overlay' layer effect use rasterisation on vector objects?
    I would expect this to change the color of a shape fill, or intelligently generate an overlay vector-shape while exporting to SVG. I'd say that could work?
  • Why do the color-changing Adjustment layers rasterize while exporting to SVG?
    I would expect the fills and stroke colors to be changed according to the adjustment color results while exporting to SVG.
    For example: changing the levels in an Adjustment layer on top of a white rectangle should only change the color of that rectangle while exporting to SVG,
    but now it generates a base64 rasterimage within the SVG. 
  • Perhaps even blend modes could be calculated during export to SVG (by some intelligent way of slicing vectorobjects and stuff), although a lot more work for the developer
    Although I personally don't really need thisone, this would definitely be a huge step forward in creating artful graphics and a step ahead of Adobe :)!


I'm working with a lot of SVG files on a daily basis for illustrations and animations online. So I'm always looking for ways to keep images as sharp and small in filesize as possible and optimize. It would be great if, where possible, effects could generate vector-outputs if possible. So affect vector-colors (intelligently calculating where needed) instead of generating base64 images inside the SVG. Thanks!!! :)

And keep up the great work. This program is briljant!


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Hi Friksel,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently all layers effects, adjustment layers and filters are rasterised on export. They have nothing to do (are not mapped/translated to) SVG native effects (which are not supported as you have discovered). Same for Blend modes - currently we don't support them. We may improve SVG export in the future - we are continuously improving both our import/export routines - but for now that's how they work. Thank you for your feedback.

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Thanks for your quick response @MEB

I didn't mean SVG effects, but rather some intelligent way to 'flatten' effects on vectors (but keep them as vectors) while saving to SVG. 

Mostly on the color-effects, since most of the time it seems like the effects only have to change colors or brightness.


But I understand that's a lot of work to develop. It was a suggestion, 'cause I definitely would use effects a lot if they were outputting vectors.


For now I guess I just skip these in my outputs and maybe there will be some real vector effects in the future. Would be great!

Thanks again


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