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Every time I try to develop a raw file in Affinity Photo the standard result is always opaque and desaturated while from MAc preview the pictures is ok and quite realist for tone and saturation. 

I take pictures in my "studio", manual setting and adjusting white balance with a grey card.


I attach the 2 examples


Am I doing something wrong?

Schermata 2018-04-06 alle 11.28.12.png


Schermata 2018-04-06 alle 11.30.40.png

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Hi EmanueleM,


When you've got a RAW open in Develop click on the Develop Assistant icon along the top toolbar.  What's the current RAW Engine set to and is Apply Tone Curve enabled? If it's set to Serif Labs, try it on Apple Core Image RAW as that should be the same RAW engine that Apple Preview is using and i suspect will give a closer result.  Once you've changed the settings in Develop Assistant, you'll need to close the RAW file and reopen it to see any changes. 

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There will always be some difference between apps, as we all handle RAW files slightly differently.


I can see you use a Canon EOS 200D from the screenshot, so will have a play around with some sample files from that camera and see if i can offer further advise :) 

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