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Print range: "document" doesn't paginate

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AD's "print range" feature when printing set to "document" results in an usable rectangle centered on all artboards rather than printing an artboard per page (or at least offering that option).


e.g. currently designing a tri-fold brochure, so I need artboard 1 to print on one face and artboard 2 to print on the other. AD only lets me print one or the other via manual selection, while selecting the desired "document" range results in the following:




This is what my artboards look like, each is an 8.5x11 document:



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In the print dialogue you need to select Range, then pick the artboard you want. I don't think you can choose more than 1 artboard. Best to make PDF and print from Acrobat or similar.

Windows 7 Pro, I5 3.3G PC 16G RAM

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