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Divide function misbehave

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Sometimes, when you divide some curved shapes the result are so many extralayers and curves. If the operation involves curves and some intersection, the amount of layers are so vast that crashes my laptop.


As an example, create an elipse, copy the layer four times and arrange the elipse as a veen diagram (check the attached image 1). if you select the four elipses and divide them you will get what you expected: 8 curves. However, if before dividing the curves you have a fifth elipse and place it in the center of the diagram, select the five elipses and divide them, instead of 16 curves, you will get 152 curves. (check the attached image 2).

Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

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On 4/3/2018 at 2:10 PM, MEB said:

Hi jarcon,

This is a known issue that's already logged to be looked at. It may take a little until this gets fixed as the boolean operations code must be reviewed/rewritten but we hope to get this solved in a future version.

Hi @MEBany ETA for this? Also, any chance this will be fixed in v1.7? Thanks 

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