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Saving & Importing Watermark

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Hi folks,


I'm new to editing and have to first off say WOW! I love Affinity. I'm about halfway through the tutorial videos and loving how the learning is coming together. It was a bit daunting at first but I'm already surprised at the sort of stuff I can do. 


This is probably a silly Q about watermarks. I watched the tutorial (excellent!) and made myself a snazzy watermark but what is the best way of saving it down so I can import it into other photos? It is two text layers. Can I just save these layers somehow and import them (possibly after merging)? Also is there a way to 'batch' apply the watermark to, say, a few hundred photos that I take at a sporting event, without opening each one up and doing some work? 


Thank you!


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Hi Stevoster,


Welcome to the forums :)


The below thread will help you save your watermark unfortunately at the moment there is no way to batch apply a water mark.





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Hello Steve,

I suppose, that the Sportotos are presented in a fixed size?
Around insert a watermark or signature into the picture, can you create a macro.
I did the following.
First haveI created a watermark and saved as an EMF file. (because I get the better results)
Then I opened a photo and brought to the target size.
then I create macro to place the EMF file, in the example below right.
Do not forget to save  the macro.
Now a photo will be opened and by macro recording brought to size
Then insert the watermark macro in the newly created macro.
These are just rough steps I did.
See the attached macro.
Another tip the EMF file must be copied to the root directory of C.
This macro can also be used in batch processing.
So I can insert a watermark in several pictures.
Disadvantage of the macro is it only works in horizontal format.
For the portrait, a new macro must be created.
Since I only use two different image sizes he effort is kept within limits




Affinity Photo :   Affinity Photo-Beta :    Affinity Designer  Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta   Affinity Publisher    Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1903 Build 18362.207)


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