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Hi Roger Woodward,


Not sure if you are on Windows or Mac, but yes Affinity can open RAW files from that camera when set to use the Serif Labs Engine.  It's odd, as it's not on the supported lists here but if you see the attached screenshot.  I grabbed a sample RAW file from a well known Photography site and as you can see, the image has opened.  It is identified in the EXIF as a ILCE 7rm3, which Google tells me is the same camera.


Hopefully someone else who has one can just confirm this.  Or if you already have the camera, then download the trial version from here and you'll be able to confirm if it works :) 

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 23.03.16.jpg

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I have Lightroom 5 and it doesn't seem to support my A7 III. So, I just downloaded Affinity trial and it had no problem opening the ARW file from my A7 III. Nice job Affinity team.



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